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Update of the Past NEWS... 30th June 1860...............

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*Thomas and Sylvia Hacking -
Last week’s NEWS told of the wedding of a Thomas Hacking to Sylvia Stephenson.  The couple tied the knot at the Holy Trinity Church on Newbold Road, across from the Chesterfield Union Workhouse on Sunday 24th June 1860.  The marriage may have taken place in Chesterfield but the couple were to move all around the British Isles -

Thomas was born in Glossop, Derbyshire around 1833.  Sylvia was born in the Black Country, Wolverhampton around 1837. 

A year after the couple was married they appear on the 1861 census with another family member; baby James Cordon Hacking who was born in Sheffield the month earlier.  The family are living at Furness Buildings, Newton, Ashton Under Lyne.  Thomas is employed as a boiler maker.

Ten years on and the family have moved again, they are now living Maindee, Newport, Wales.  Their little brood has grown considerably; James is now 10 years, Alice 8 years, Elizabeth 6 years, Margaret 4 years, Thomas 3 years and baby girl Mary aged just 1 year old.  Thomas has a slightly different occupation; he is now working as a boiler inspector.  The births of the children can map the movement of the family; up to the birth of Thomas jnr in 1868 the family were still living in Newton, Cheshire but youngest child Mary was born in 1870 at Dukinfield, Cheshire.  The family looks to have moved across to Wales at some point in between 1870 and the 1871 census. 

Another daughter is born to Thomas and Sylvia in 1872 Sarah E at Newport, Wales.  It looks as though they all then moved back to England as sadly Sylvia dies aged just 38 years old in 1875 at Ashton Under Lyne.

On the 1881 census Thomas is living with another lady named Amelia, there is a likely marriage in 1877 at Stockport for Thomas Hacking and Amelia Heywood.  Thomas and Amelia are living at 204 Audley Range in Blackburn with Thomas’s three daughters; Margaret aged 14 years, Mary aged 11 years and Sarah E aged 9 years. 

All change again over the next 10 years as by 1891 Thomas is recorded as a widower.  I have found one possible death for Amelia in 1888 at Blackburn, but her age is given as 53 and if we go on the 1881 census information she would only be 38 years old in 1888.  Thomas is left living with his youngest daughter Sarah E who is now 19 years old and is employed as a cotton weaver.  They live at 40 Charles Street, Blackburn.

I have not found Thomas on the census returns after 1891, or a death record for him.  Does anyone know what happened to Thomas and his family?

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