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Echoes of our Past NEWS........14th July 1869

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What was in the local news this weekend in 1869?

*Robbery from the person –

On 6th July Thomas Brotherhood was the victim of two ladies from Ashover.

Thomas was in a bad way when he entered the Plough Beerhouse that night, he was “hard up”.  Times were hard and there was only 1s 6d in poor Thomas’s pocket.  To alleviate his current spell of financial difficulties he sold his watch to the landlord of the Plough Beerhouse for 15s. 

Thomas placed the money into his breeches pocket with his other money.  But later on he took the coins out of his pocket; kept 6s and put the other 9s into his purse. 

He bought himself and two ladies a pint of beer.   These ladies were Margaret Melbourne aged 25 years old and married from Ashover and Mary Jackson a 41 year old widow from Manchester.  He then walked away from the ladies and took his pint of beer into the parlour but Mary Jackson followed him. 

Mary took his pint of beer from him and allegedly “did something to it”.  Thomas recalled how when he took his next drink of it there was a different taste.  He did not have time to question this as he was immediately feeling sleepy and fell fast asleep.  When he did awake the ladies were no longer around and on checking his purse and the 9s it contained were also missing.

The police were called and the incident reported. 

At the trial of the two ladies the landlord Mr Patrick Flinn gave evidence to back Thomas against the prisoners.

The youngest prisoner Margaret Melbourne alleged that it was Mary Jackson who took the money and afterwards gave her 3s 6d of it.  Mary Jackson admitted her guilt but did state “the man gave me the money and told me to go and prepare a bed so that he could sleep with me and I walked off with the money”.  Mary was sentenced to 21 days hard labour.  It is not clear what the fate of Margaret was.


*Robbery in a brothel –

Joseph Booth had one sovereign stolen from him.  He alleged that two prostitutes took the item; Mary Dale aged 18 years old and Jane Seymour aged 22 years old.

The prisoners were remanded to return to trial next Tuesday.

*Drunken townspeople –

There were several cases of drunken behaviour this week on the streets of the town –

v  Robert Bridget a fruiterer of Chesterfield was charged with being drunk and riotous in New Square on 3rd July.  He was fined 5s and costs

v  Alice Davies a tramp was accused of being “drunk and incapable” in Knifesmith-Gate on 11th July.  She was fined 5s and costs or 5 days hard labour.

v  Elizabeth Foy aged 32 years old of Sheepbridge was drunk and riotous in Low Pavement on 10th July.  She was fined 5s and costs or 7 days hard labour.

v  Martin Foy also of Sheepbridge a 38 year old mason was also in trouble on 10th July.  He was fined 5s and costs of 7 days hard labour.

v  James Dunn a 35 year old Hawker was found guilty of behaving drunk and riotous in Cavendish Street on 10th July.  He was fined 5s and costs of 7 days hard labour.

*Elder Yard Beerhouse –

The respectability of the beerhouse at Elder Yard was put into question this week when Thomas Backhouse the keeper was accused of housing prostitutes at his establishment.

The Bench did accept that Thomas may not be aware of the business that was going on under his roof between the ladies and a cottage close by.    But they were of the opinion that he would be aware that the ladies were in the beerhouse and so he was fined 5s and 15s 6d costs.


*Mr John Ward to Harriett Wragg both of Newbold at the Parish Church on 13th July

*Mr William Foster to Sarah Ann Hazard of Mansfield at the Wesleyan Chapel on 6th July


*Eliza Ward aged 39 years, wife of Thomas Ward at Nottingham Road, Mansfield on 6th July

*Martha Seagrave aged 68 years, wife of William Seagrave at Mansfield on 6th July

*Annie Allen aged 11 years, daughter of Mr Jabez Allen at Mansfield on 7th July

*William Bramwell aged 27 years at the Rookery Mansfield on 8th July


*Foot Racing –

The Angel Inn at Clay Cross was the host to the sporting event of foot racing.  A good number of people turned out to cheer on their fellow neighbours.

Mr F Hewitt was the referee and the races were started by Mr George Ledger.

There was said to have been “some good running”.

The winners of each heat were –

v  R Martin 12 ½ yards

v  Chas Cooper 17 ½ yards

v  William Blant 16 yards

v  George Randall 23 yards

v  B Pritchard 19 yards

v  J Evans 10 yards

v  G Ward 13 yards

v  John Gritich 17 ½ yards


*Summer reading –

If you were lucky enough to be able to read then you would most certainly have made a visit to the Derbyshire Times Branch Office in the Market Hall. 

They were selling a huge range of book titles as “cheap” prices; in fact they claimed to have “the largest stock of children’s picture books in the country”.

Six penny novels included – The Royal Highwayman, The Rovers daughter and Black Monks Curse.  One Shilling novels – My Lady, A Tale Of Modern Life, An Old Debt and Who Breaks Pays.  If you had more money to spare then for 2 shillings you could acquire a copy of The Macdermots by Anthony Trollope, History of a Flirt or The Pirate Of Soam by Captain Armstrong.


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