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Echoes of our Past NEWS ... 4th July 1874..............

Read all about it……. Echoes of our past NEWS

What was in the local news this weekend in 1874?


*Staveley Grammar School Examination Results –

The following list is of the names of the boys who achieved the best marks in the summer examinations at the Staveley Grammar School for boys –

v  Mathematics – Form 1; H Knighton and F Wells

                           Form 2; J H Turner and Webster

                           Form 3; Littlewood and Longden

v  Latin – Form 1; F Wells and Dutton

v  French – Form 1; H Knighton and Howard

v  Grammar Essay and Roots – Form 1; F Wells, A Wells and Knighton

                                                    Form 2; J H Turner and Green

v  Scripture – Form 1; J Haslam and Knighton

                    Form 2; Green and C Slack

v  History and Geography – Form 1; Dutton and knighton

                                              Form 2; D Carnegie and Green

                                              Form 3; H Turner

v  Spelling, Reciting and Reading – Form 1; Howard and Knighton

                                                          Form 2; D Carnegie and H Wells

                                                          Form 3; C Ludlam


Well done to all the boys!


*Assault –

George Nadin was said to have been set upon by John Deardon and James Deardon on 15th June around 9pm.

It was a summers evening and George was working out in his garden when the two men came along with a group of other men.  They began to climb on to his railings, to which George asked them to get down.  All of the men apart from John Deardon got down and so George got hold of his sleeve and removed him.  John was not to be told what to do by George and so he climbed back on to the railings.  George once more pulled John off of the railings and at this point John began to hit George.

George’s wife came from the house and helped her husband off of his offender, but James Deardon began attacking both George and his wife. 

Mrs Nadin told the court that her husband would have been killed if she had not been there to help.  This opinion was backed by a young girl named Anna Smith. 

The Deardon men claimed that George began the assault and that he had hit John Deardon after he had removed his from the railings.  This sequence of events was backed by a young girl named Lydia Peel, Wm Cropper and James Stims.

The defendant’s father was also called to the Bench where he told the jury how the railings around the garden of George Nadin were regularly used as a resting place by passers-by.

John Deardon was fined 5s and costs and James Deardon was fined 1s and costs.

*Quitting his job –

David Stevenson was in court after he had left his service with Elijah Houghton of Boythorpe without giving proper notice or being granted leave.

He was fined 10s and costs.

*Public House fracas –

The Half Moon Inn at Brampton was a popular place, so much so that on the 19th June Daniel Ensor would not leave the place after having being asked.

The pub was run by Mary Proctor and around 12 pm Daniel had arrived at the house using bad language. 

P. C Johnson was called to the Half Moon to remove Daniel from the premises.

Daniel was fined 10s and costs.

*Gamekeeper attacked –

Christopher Evans a gamekeeper in the employ of S Manlove of Stubbing Court, Wingerworth was brutally attacked by three men whilst he lay watching young pheasants in a field at Holymoorside. 

When they had finished beating Christopher they turned their attention to the young pheasants; catching about 20 of the birds they pulled their heads off and threw their remains around the field. 

Christopher was in such a bad state that the local magistrate, Mr A Barnes Esq was called immediately to take his deposition, but luckily he recovered fairly swiftly.  The criminals remained at large at this time.


*A son to William Henry Rangeley of the Rookery, Dronfield on 2nd July


*Mr Herbert john Marsden eldest son of Mr John Marsden Esq of Williamthorpe Hall to Miss Annie Bolsover eldest daughter to Mr Thomas Bolsover Esq of High Lane Works nr Sheffield on 1st July at Ridgway Parish Church

*Mr John Parsons to Miss Eliza Bradley at Chesterfield Parish Church on 29th June

*Mr Thomas Amatt to Miss Hannah Smith at the Chesterfield Parish Church also on 29th June

*Mr Joseph Fletcher to Miss Ellen Stevenson at Ashover on 22nd June


*Rev J H Walker aged 86 years at Southport on 26th June

*Charles Gulliver aged 26 years at the Union Workhouse on 30th June

*Miss Ruth Johnson aged 7 months on 27th June at Ilkeston

*Master Henry Lee Barber aged 16 months son of Joseph Barber at Stanton on 20th June

*Mr John Smedley aged 78 years on 22nd June at Stapleford

*Mrs Maria Sharp aged 53 years at Far Hill, Ashover on 18th June

*Master Albert Bone aged 5 years at Marsden Moor, Staveley on 30th June

*Master Frederic Widdison aged 6 months at Marsden Moor, Staveley on 30th June


*Races –

The Chesterfield Races 1874 were being advertised to the townsfolk of Chesterfield in this week’s NEWs.  They were to be held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd July. 


*Seaside fun –

Fancy a trip to the seaside?

Then this advertisement would have caught your eye……..

“On the sands! On the sands at Scarbro! The sea! The sea!! The open sea!!!”

What a picture the words must have conjured up in the minds of the folk of Chesterfield.

The trip was being run by Palmers and would leave Chesterfield at 5.40am on Wednesday 22nd July.  To travel first class would cost 8s, third class was 4s and that was a return fare.

Once at Scarborough the holiday makers could treat themselves to refreshments at the Grand Hotel and listen to the Scarborough Band on the Grand Promenade.  What more could the people of Chesterfield wish for on a summers day?  I wonder how many of them had ever seen the sea in 1874? Being virtually central inland on the island of Great Britain I would imagine a high proportion had no idea what to expect.


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