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Echoes of our Past NEWS ........... 30th June 1860

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What was in the local news this weekend in 1860?


*Lighting Chesterfield –

The lighting commissioners of Chesterfield met at the Municipal Hall to discuss the lighting of Chesterfield.  Those present were; Messrs’ G Bunting, Jos Woodhead, George Short, Chas Clarke, Blake, Wyatt, Gladwin, Taylor, Whitworth, Lambert, G Clarke, H Clarke and J Marriott.

The following subjects were on the agenda –

v  Additional Lamps were to be erected;

1 x Church Lane, opposite the Wheatsheaf Yard end

2 x Back or Mill Lane, in the bend of the road

2 x Brewery Street

1 x Sheffield Road, at the Albert Street end

3 x St Helens Street

1 x Victoria Street

1 x Spencer Street, at the top end to light the footpaths there (the new Roman Catholic Church had only opened a few years earlier)

1 x Wheeldon Lane

1 x near Tuckers Silk Mill, “if the removal of the present one on to the Bowling Green Chapel does not give sufficient light”

v  Lamps were to be removed;

1 x Spa Lance and Church Lane corner

1 x a bracket lamp near to Mr Carrington’s house on Holywell Street which would be replaced by a pillar lamp (which would light up Holywell Street, Newbold Road and Sheffield Road)


*Men writing off their wives –

Three men placed public notices stating they would not be answerable to any debts of their wives –

v  Thomas Winterbottom a shopkeeper of Brimington Common to his wife Sarah Winterbottom

v  Joseph Booth a collier in Whittington to his wife Ann Booth

v  John Hadfield a miner of Beetwell Street to his wife Mary Hadfield

*Assault –

George Thorpe a contractor of Staveley was charged with assault by a miner named William Cartledge.

The incident occurred at the Speedwell Pit at Staveley on 16th June and it seems that George had asked William to do a task but this had not been carried out and so George had struck William in the mouth. 

The Bench decided that George had taken the law into his own hands and thus fined him 5s and 13s expenses.

There was only one marriage and one death reported this week -


*Mr Thomas Hacking to Miss Sylvia Stephenson of Stonegravels at Trinity Church, Stonegravels


*Sarah Ann Braddow aged 20 years, daughter of Mr John Braddow a builder of Chesterfield


*Cricket –

The match between the Castle Inn Club and the Whittington Moor Club was advertised as being set for Monday 2nd July at the Brampton Feast Monday celebration.

A quadrille band would be playing for those wishing to dance the day away.  Refreshments of Golden Bud fine ale and porter would be on sale.


*Omnibus to Baslow and Chatsworth –

Thomas S Rice was proudly informing the townsfolk of his service to transport them away to the countryside this summer which he intends to commence from Mrs Pinders, The Star Inn.  It would run every Monday and Wednesday morning at 9am and would arrive at Mrs Whites, The Devonshire Arms Inn, Baslow “in time to meet the coaches to Bakewell, Buxton and Manchester”.  The omnibus would return at 6pm, after the arrival of the return coaches.

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