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Update of the Past NEWS..... 26th June 1886

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*Alfred Sidebottom –

Alfred was in last week’s NEWS as he had suffered as a result of an accident whilst working at Saunders Brickyard in Newbold.  He caught his hand in the brick pressing machine and this resulted in him having his little and ring finger amputated.

Alfred was born in 1869, the son of Charles a coal miner and Jane Sidebottom.  The family lived at 8 Spread Eagle Yard off of Beetwell Street in Chesterfield town centre.  On the 1871 census Alfred was the middle child aged at only 1 year old.  He had an elder brother called Harry who was 4 years old and a younger baby sister aged just 10 months named Lavina.

By 1881 the family have moved home and are now living at Bath Place, there are two new additions to the household; Clara aged 3 years and Gertrude aged 1 year.  Alfred and his big brother Harry are aged 12 and 14 years respectively; Harry is now working though as a labourer, Alfred is still at school.

Alfred followed in his father’s footsteps and gained employment down the coal mines of Chesterfield.  He moves out of the family home and lodges with Patrick and Mary Gainey at Stonegravels.  Patrick was born in Ireland and Mary in South Wales.

The accident happened in 1886 so Alfred must have either changed his employment or been doing some extra work at the brickworks. 

In 1894 he married Elizabeth Bell.  On the 1901 census the couple are living near to the Grammar School on Sheffield Road.  They have no children and Alfred is still working as a coal miner.

Ten years on in 1911 Elizabeth completed and signed the census form, they have not recorded any children born either dead or alive.  Alfred is 42 years old now and works as a general labourer.  They live at 1 St Helens Yard and have a boarder named Bartholomew Murphy and a visitor named Mary Anne Murphy.  Bartholomew is from Donnegal in Ireland.

Alfred lived to the grand age of 85 years old, he died in 1954.  Elizabeth had died many years earlier in 1931 aged 60 years old.  I have not found any children to the couple, but if anyone does have any information then please do let me know.

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