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Update of the Past NEWS........... 8th June 1889

Catch up on the full story of last weeks NEWS.............
*William Carnelly –

William was seriously injured when he fell from faulty scaffolding in last week’s NEWS. 

William and his little family were living at Chapel Hollow in Belper.  He was a bricklayer and stonemason and at the time of the incident had one daughter named Mary who would have been around 6 months old at the time.

William was born in Unstone near Chesterfield in 1853, the son of William and Mary.  His father William was also a stonemason and his elder brother John.  In 1871 aged 17 years William is recorded on the census as being a stonemason.  He was most likely apprenticed to his father to learn his trade.  The family are still living at Unstone.

The next years brought change for the Carnelly family when the William Snr died aged 61 years old in 1878.  The 1881 census shows that the family have now moved residence to Belper.  William is the eldest child living with his widowed mother Mary.    William married local girl Elizabeth Slater in 1881 at Belper.  Their daughter Mary was born in 1889 followed by William in 1890. 

What became of William after his accident on the scaffolding?

A year after in 1891 William and Elizabeth are living at St Johns Road, Belper.  He is documented as being a bricklayer aged 37 years old.  From the census return there is no indication as to any on-going health issue to hinder William.  Aged 57 years old William his still working as a bricklayer in 1911 the family have moved home again and are now living on the High Street in Belper.  Mary Elizabeth has fled the nest but son William is aged 20 years old and works as a coalminer.

William died in 1938 at the grand age of 84 years old. 

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*Samuel Carlin –
Samuel Carlin was also a stonemason working on the Belper Workhouse when the scaffolding collapsed. 
He was born c.1858 in Bulwell and lived there at the time of the incident.  Samuel married Fanny Marlow in 1883.  A couple of years after the incident in 1891 the couple have a large brood of children; Martha aged 13 years, Fanny aged 11 years, Esther aged 5 years, Nellie aged 4 years, Mary aged 1 year and baby Job only 3 months old. 
The accident must again have caused great concern for Samuel and Fanny at a time when there were many mouths to feed in that household.  In the 1891 census they are living at 55 Barry Street, Bulwell.  In 1901 they have moved to 77 Latham Street, Bulwell and all of the children are still living at home, including two extra members; Annie aged 20 years and Alfred aged 9 years. 
Samuel died in 1917 aged 59 years old.
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