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Echoes of our Past NEWS ........ 1st April 1893

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What was in the local news this weekend in 1893?


*Matlock Cable Tramway opens –

The spa town of Matlock was in full regalia on 28th March 1893 when the cable tramway was opened in the town.  The tramway ran in between Crown Square near to the railway station and on to the Rutland Street terminus.  Its purpose being to transport the visitors as they arrived in the town to their hotels.  Matlock has many steep hills and until the arrival of the cable tramway these hills had prevented many people visiting the area. 

On the grand opening day the weather was good to them and the sunshine was out, “the floating streamers, triumphal arches, mounted yeomanry and brass bands” were all to be seen and enjoyed by the attendees. 

The Smedley’s Hotel would benefit from the new tramway as now its residents could be conveyed up the hill for a small fee to receive all the wonderful health benefits that the spa town hotel offered.


*Drowning at Killamarsh –

The body of a lady named Sarah Taylor was found in a pond at Upperthorpe, Killamarsh.  Sarah had been ill for some time and this had meant that she needed to sleep downstairs.  On the night in question she had left the house in only her nightie and was later found drowned in the pond.  It was not known whether the drowning was accidental or suicide.

*Accident at Grassmoor Colliery –

John Mitchell was admitted to Chesterfield Hospital after he was injured by a piece of falling coal.  The coal caused an injury to his hand and once at the hospital it was found to be necessary to amputate 3 of his fingers.  John was a pony driver at the pit.

*Deserting family –

Alexander Froggatt of Whittington was charged and found guilty of neglecting to support his children.  On 8th February his children had become charges of the Chesterfield Board of Guardians and this had cost £2 14s.  Alexander admitted desertion and was gaoled at Derby with one month’s hard labour.

*Infection risk –

Mr Thomas George Edwards the Sanitary Inspector had brought a charge upon a lodging house keeper named Maria West.  Maria lived at Totley and there had been 60-70 cases of small pox recently.  One of the cases was at the lodging house which Maria kept.  On 6th March she was seen to throw the infected bedding out into the lane, take it back into the house and then throw it out a further time.  Witnesses to the event were called but Maria did not attend the court hearing.  She was fined either £2 and 25s costs or 1 month gaol.


*James Wright of Smithy Moor to Elizabeth Brunt of Knott Cross were married on 22nd March at Ashover


*Harold Devonport aged 1 year and 10 months of Compton Street, Chesterfield on 29th March.  The son of Frank Devonport and Elizabeth Udall

*William Robinson aged 77 years of Coal Aston on 23rd March

*Samuel Clarke aged 55 years of 15 Lea Road, Dronfield on 25th March

*Alice Littlewood, infant daughter of George Littlewood of South Normanton on 24th March

*Martha Maria Littlewood aged 20 years, wife of George Littlewood of South Normanton on 26th March

*Bethia Bacon aged 1 month, daughter of Solomon Bacon of South Normanton on 28th March

*Thomas Armstrong aged 40 years of Whittington on 22nd March

*Mable Ethel Holt aged 15 months at Hasland on 23rd March

*Ada Anthony aged 15 years at Whittington on 27th March

*Mary Wheatcroft aged 73 years at Walton on 28th March


*Easter football –

Easter fell early in 1893.  There were “3 GRAND MATCHES AT CHESTERFIELD” planned for the Easter holidays –

Chesterfield Town Football Club would play –

v  Ecclesfield on Good Friday

v  Heeley on Saturday 1st April

v  Barnsley on Wednesday 5th April

Admission to the games was 3d

Elsewhere in Chesterfield –

v  Chesterfield v Sheepbridge on Monday 3rd April (Easter Monday)

v  Sheepbridge v Ecclesfield on Tuesday 4th April

v  Eckington v Holbrook on Tuesday 4th April at the Recreation Ground, Staveley Playing the semi-final of the Benefit Cup


*Billiards –

Staveley Works Mechanics Institute played against Tibshelf.  Seven games were played at Tibshelf’s club; the visitors winning 6 of the 7 games gained 91 points.


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