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Update of the past NEWS ......... 23rd March 1867

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*The Reverend William Peach –

Reverend Peach was the Vicar of St Peter and St Paul’s Church at Old Brampton, Chesterfield.  He died on 31st January 1867.  He was in last week’s NEWS as his possessions were being put to auction at the beginning of April.

William Peach was born c1795/6, the son of the Rev Henry Peach of Langley and Mary Peach.  William was baptised at the All Saints Church in Derby on 6th January 1796.  He was admitted to St John’s College at Cambridge to commence his studies on 7th June 1814.  He received his ordination as a priest on 15th April 1821. 

Before he arrived at Old Brampton church he was the curate at Bowness on Windermere.  This must have been where he met his future wife as William married Mary Ann Pochin on 21st December 1822.  Mary Ann was the daughter of the Rev William Pochin of Morcott, Rutland. 

William Peach was the Rural Dean of Brampton from 1826 until his death in 1867.

William and Mary had at a daughter named Mary and two sons; William and Thomas.  Mary married Charles Barnes on 9th December 1854 at St George Church, Hanover, London.  Charles was the son of John Gorrel Barnes who was a highly respected member of Chesterfield society.  His family home was at Ashgate House, Chesterfield. 

It seems the death of the Rev William Peach was subject of speculation as on 2nd February 1867 it was reported as being a sudden death from apoplexy.  But a week later the story was told how the Rev had been overseeing the felling of trees on his premises, he was giving the men a hand and pulled on a rope which caused him to receive an injury.  Dr Walker was called and all was said to be in order until that was the Rev died suddenly.  The cause of death was now said to be “rupture of the heart”.  No post-mortem was carried out.

The Rev had a great interest in the wellbeing of the town of Chesterfield; he was Vice Chairman at the meetings held by the Chesterfield Union Workhouse board. 

His will was proved with a codicil on 6th March 1867, with John Clarke of Higham Cliff near Alfreton as executor.  His effects were recorded as under £7000.

When his position was advertised only 2 weeks after his death on 16th February 1867 it was said to be with an annual salary of £250.


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