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Echoes of our Past NEWS.......19th March 1892

Read all about it……. Echoes of our past NEWS

What was in the local news this weekend in 1892?


*St Patrick’s Day celebrations –

The Irish men and women of Chesterfield and the surrounding area all flocked into the town centre to celebrate their National Saint Day.  Those living out of the town arrived accompanied by brass bands playing.

Flags and banners were carried and the town was awash with an array of green ribbon and shamrocks proudly on display by all loyal Irish folk.  A large congregation attended High Mass at St Mary’s Church.  Afterwards a procession was formed through the streets of Chesterfield; at its helm was a “handsome banner”.

The celebrations followed on into the evening when a social gathering was held at the St Mary’s School entertained by Mr W Mountney's band.


*Chesterfield Union Workhouse –

The fortnightly meeting was held and the following was discussed –

v  Purchase of extra land in order to make improvement’s at the workhouse.  A loan had been agreed by the Local Government to enable the purchase to go ahead, the letter of approval was read out.  The money could be either paid back in annual or half yearly instalments.  A man named Mr Jones was concerned that the current inhabitants of Chesterfield would be paying this debt, whereas in fact the improvements would actually benefit those of the future generations.  Was this fair? After deliberation by the board it was agreed that the money should be borrowed over the usual 30 years.

v  Applications had been received for the position of relieving officer at the Chesterfield Workhouse, which was currently a vacant position.  It was agreed that there would be a further meeting to discuss the applications further.

*Rent arrears –

Joseph Hardy a collier from Beighton was accused of owing rent to Edward Ward of the sum of £1.  Instead, however of paying the rent he removed goods from the property and left without warning.  The goods were said to have been valued around £5 and so Joseph was charged with "fraudulently removing goods to evade distress”.

In his defence Joseph stated that he had given the £1 rent to a lady who had called to the property and that he thought the matter was at a conclusion.  There were no witnesses to confirm that Joseph removed any goods from the property.

The Bench decided that Joseph had attempted to defraud Edward Ward and he was fined £2 and costs.

*School girl theft –

Amy Roberts and Susan Parker Dudley were in trouble after they had allegedly stolen an Ulster (cloak) from a child named Virginia Southwell at Newbold on 11th March.  Virginia had taken the cloak to school but returned without it.  The cloak was worth 8s.

On further investigation it emerged that Susan Parker Dudley had pawned the cloak at P J Kelly’s pawnbrokers on Whittington Moor for the sum of 2s 11/2d.  The girls had then shared the money between them.

The parents of Amy and Sarah were very remorseful of their daughters having done such a terrible act and expressed their sorrow.  The girls were told that had they been older their actions would have led to imprisonment.

*Playing with fire –

On Sunday morning George Hayes allowed his children to go downstairs from their bedrooms to play.  Not long after George heard screams and he ran downstairs to find his little daughter Sarah on fire.  They managed to put the flames out but in consequence Sarah was very badly burnt.  She is still in a very serious condition and is suffering from shock.  Sarah was around 3 or 4 years old.

*Sudden death –

Mr George Slater a provisions dealer from High Street, Whittington has died suddenly after complaining of chest pains.  He had been in attendance at a meeting in Eckington on Saturday night.  George was aged 53 years old and a prominent member of the Methodist Church.  He followed the Liberal party in his political views.


*Mr James Lowe to Sarah French at Dronfield on 14th March

*Mr John Cooke Allison of Old Whittington to Elizabeth Whittaker at Ashover on 14th March

*Samuel Buckless to Isabella Ingram at the Parish Church, Chesterfield on 14th March

*Albert Cooper to Eliza Parkin at the Parish Church, Chesterfield on 14th March

*George Harold Stephen Cooper to Elizabeth Brown at the Parish Church, Chesterfield on 13th March


*Minnie Goss aged 22 months at Hasland on 13th March

*Sarah Marsh aged 79 years at Old Whittington on 12th March

*Henry Phillips aged 61 years at Apperknowle on 12th March

*Dora Ellen Pratt aged 4 months, daughter of William Pratt of Tibshelf on 12th March

*Willie Hilton aged 15 months at Stonegravels on 11th March

*Tom Anthony Rowe aged 35 years at Fritchley, Crich on 11th March

*Mary Sanders aged 49 years at Chesterfield on 8th March


*Chesterfield V Sheffield United –

Chesterfield Football Team was victorious after they won a match by 4 goals to 3 against Sheffield United.  The town had asked Sheffield United to attend and play a match, but it was commonly thought that “Chesterfield would not have a chance”.

The pitch at the Recreation Ground was described as “not conductive to good play, being very heavy and sticky”.  However the match was said to have been the best ever seen played on the ground.  Attendance was high and over two thousand fans were said to have paid at the gate.

Sheffield United won the toss and chose to play towards the entrance gates.  After only 4/5 minutes Chesterfield player Mitchell scored the first goal of the game, not happy at this United soon returned the goal and the game was now equalised.  Next to score for Chesterfield was Watson who scored from a flag kick.  United suffered an injury, after about 25 minutes pay H Lilley twisted his ankle and was taken off.

The teams were played as laid out –




Todd    Bannister

Davis    Vickers      Lacey

Holland    Roper    Hopkinson    Bennett    Mitchell


Watson    Duncan    Scott    Bairstow    Brooks

Hill    H.Needham    Stringer

H.E Lilley    Cain

J. W Lilley


Sheffield United


Take care when opening bottles –

Ann Broadhurst of Clay Cross was admitted to Chesterfield Hospital after she severed an artery in the centre of her left palm.  She was opening a beer bottle at the time and she lost a lot of blood which made her very week.  She was however said to be progressing nicely.

Ann was 58 years old and the wife of a miner employed at the Clay Cross Colliery Company.




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