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Update of the Past NEWS.... 19th March 1892

*Sarah Hays –

It was reported last week that Sarah was badly burnt as a result of her playing near to the fire whilst her father was upstairs. 

Sarah was the daughter of George and Hannah Hays and in 1891 they lived at Brimington Common .  Sarah had 2 siblings an elder brother named George and a younger brother named Johnny.  Her father George was a coalminer and was a local man being born at Walton, Chesterfield.

George and Hannah had married in the March quarter of 1885 at Chesterfield Register Office; Hannah’s maiden name was Lamb.

Ten years on in 1901 and Sarah is still alive, she escaped the possibility of death after her burns but I wonder how they affected her?  The family has grown; she now has 4 younger siblings; Harriet, William, Francis and Mary Ann.  They are still living at Brimington Common and George is still employed as a coal miner.

On the 1911 census George has taken his family to live in Bolton-Upon-Dearne.  He has 4 more children; Doris aged 9 years born in Brimington, the other 3 children; Bernard, Fred and George Thomas who was just 7 weeks old were all born at Goldthorpe, Yorkshire.  The census tells us that George and Hannah had been married 26 years, they had 13 children but only 10 were still living in 1911.  Sarah Ann was not living with them in 1911, where was she?

Well it looks as though, for once there is a happy ending to the story of Sarah Hays and her burns…..

A Sarah Ann Hays married Edward Talbot at Doncaster in 1906.  On the 1911 census this Sarah Ann was born at Brimington Common in Chesterfield in 1888.  Sarah and her husband live at no 24 William Street, Goldthorpe, Rotherham and Edward works as a coal miner hewer.  Her mother and father George and Hannah are living at no 22 William Street, so it seems George was not going to let her too far out his sight after the terrible accident back in 1892.

Sarah and Edward have 2 children; George Edward aged 4 years and 3 month old Emily Martha.  Sadly, when Edward filled out the census return he incorrectly wrote all of the children that they had born; a little girl named Daisy Evelyn was recorded but then crossed out by the enumerator.  Daisy Evelyn was registered in both the births and deaths for the December quarter of 1909.

There is a possible death for a Sarah A Talbot born 1888 in 1962, she lived at Don Valley, Yorkshire and she was 74 years old.

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*Ann Broadhurst –

Ann was another person in last week’s NEWS who sustained life threatening injuries after she severed her palm and cut her artery.

Ann was married to John Broadhurst a coalminer.  She was born in Ashby De La Zouche , Leicestershire around 1836.  The couple lived at Long Row in Clay Cross and had at least 2 children; Mary born 1874 and William born 1875.

Ann did not die of her injuries, there is a registered death for an Ann Broadhurst in 1898, but the age is 68 which would make this ladies year of birth around 1830, however this may well be Ann and the informant may have got the dates wrong.

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