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UPDATE of the Past News 5th September 1857

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*Tapton Colliery Excursion to Chatsworth –

Around 200 people attended this festivity.  They left Stonegravels and passed through Chesterfield
around 9am.  The procession was led by the Chesterfield and Scarsdale Brass Band and the revellers followed in a number of carriages festooned with flags.  Lunch was taken at Baslow and the party then continued through the gates into Chatsworth.  They were given special permission to inspect the house and gardens and afterwards spent time in the grounds.  They left for dinner at Baslow at 4pm and then on to Chesterfield, arriving back in Stonegravels around 10pm.  The day was described as “exceedingly fine and the whole of the party were highly delighted with the days enjoyment”

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*Jemima Wright –
Poor Jemima was labelled “weak-minded, if not insane” after further reports were heard at the inquest to her death.  The jury heard how she received every possible attention on the way to her sister at Staveley, but that Jemima had refused to give a name of the sister she wished to be delivered to and this had caused the delay.  A young man named Thomas Pearson of Matlock had accompanied Jemima on the journey.  The story of her death had apparently been reported abroad and the character of the landlord of the public house where Jemima had worked as cook had been put into question.  The landlord was Mr Brooker of the Hodgkinson’s Hotel, Matlock Bath. The Jury decided that Jemima had died of “inflammation”.  As for the insurance policy – it seems no such policy had ever existed!
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The Hardy’s –
the 1861 census shows William and Harriett Hardy living at “Gillotts Row”?? Sheffield Road.  William is a provisions dealer.  They have no children yet, but do seem to be doing well as they employ a house servant. 
By 1871 the couple have one daughter, 9 year old Ann Jane.  They now live at the public house on Sheffield Road called the Star Inn, next to Foundry Street.  William is also recorded as being a grocer as well as beer house keeper.  They still employ a domestic servant, 15 year old Sarah Ann Ellis and nephew 13 year old John Shentall. 
Sadly, 10 years on and Harriett is now a widow.  She lives with her daughter Ann at 10 Avenue Road and is described as “owner of property”.  Annie marries Thomas Margereson in 1882 and they have a son called Joseph William in 1883.  Harriett is living with her daughter and family in 1891 at Fairfield Road.  Her son-in-law Thomas is a post office clerk. 
1901 and Harriett is now 78 years old and still lives with her growing family at 14 Fairfield Road.  She now has two more grandchildren; Dorothy May aged 8 and Nora aged 5.  Thomas Margereson is now described as a post office clerk and builder and Joseph is employed as a bank clerk.  The family employ one servant 15 year old Annie Coot. 
The family are still together in 1911 – Harriett is now 88 years old.  They live at 13 Fairfield Road.  The census states that Annie and Thomas have actually had 5 children but only the three mentioned are still living.  Joseph is an accountant, Dorothy has no occupation and Nora is a dressmaker.  Harriett passed away in the winter of 1916, she was 93 years old.
Death of William Hardy –
William died on 17th November 1878.  His will describes him as of the parish of Whittington and provision dealer and beer house keeper.  His will was for a personal estate of less than £3000 and was proved at Derby by his wife Harriett Hardy, Richard Bargh, blacksmith of Barlow and Charles Shentall, greengrocer and fruit merchant of Chesterfield on 17th April 1879.


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