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UPDATE of the Past News 14th September 1861

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*Francis Shacklock –

Had appeared at the County Petty Sessions on Saturday March 5th 1859.  He was charged with keeping the beer house open at illegal hours on 20th February that year.  Francis ran a beer house at Stanfree and at “at ten minutes past twelve, by Staveley time” on the said night Sergeant Wagstaffe and PC Joseph Higgins of Bolsover had found two local men; Dobbs and Dennis Mullins in the house, one of the men held a quart pot containing ale.  The defence argued that it was not after time, but Dennis Mullins was called and stated that it was 12.30 when he called at the beer house.  Francis Shacklock was fined 10s and 11s costs, but as he could not afford to pay this he was given 2 weeks to pay or a distress warrant would be issued against his property.

In September 1870 Francis is again applying for a license to trade at the Royal Oak at Stanfree, the license was opposed by Mr Eyre of the Apple Tree Inn, who had also applied for a license.  Both applications were refused, but the reason is not stated.
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*Joseph Scott and Nathan Moore –
Joseph Scott appeared at the Derbyshire Assize Courts on 16th October 1861. He pleaded guilty to stealing £1 5s, a watch and a pair of trousers from Nathan Moore.  Joseph was 20 years old and worked as a cutler.  He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour. 

As for the story of Nathan wanting to murder his wife, well this may have been true as the week earlier Nathan appeared on Monday 2nd September at the Borough Police sessions, charged with using threatening language to his wife Middy Moore.  He was a beerhouse keeper and was fined £20 to keep the peace for 3 months.

The Sheffield Independent Newspaper (19th October) adds more to the story, stating that after Nathan had quarrelled with his wife he had left the public house “in charge” of Joseph Scott, where during his absence Joseph helped himself and walked to Sheffield.  As he arrived in Sheffield he was “accosted” by a policeman as he looked suspicious.  The possessions were found to be the property of Nathan Moore.


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