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UPDATE of the Past News 21st September 1895

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Death of Ellis Lettall.

The death of Ellis a miner was described as very sudden.  Ellis lived at London Street, New Whittington with his wife and 4 children.  He was thought to have been in good health and only the day before (Saturday) he was watching the village football match.  He retired to bed that night and was found dead in bed the next morning.  His death was attributed to heart disease.

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William Marsden –

The fatality was reported in the Sheffield Independent Newspaper (20th September 1895, page 6).  William was 32 years old and lived at High Street, Eckington.  He was working in the heading, wedging some coals down when the roof collapsed, striking him on the back of the neck.  His widow and 3 young children were to receive relief from Eckington Miners Permanent Relief Fund and the Midland District Miners Fatal Accident Relief Society, of which William was luckily a member.

William George Marsden was born in Beeley, Derbyshire in 1862. He married Thirza Barker in 1886 and they had three children Emma, William and Mary.  Thirza died in 1907. 

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