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*Joseph E Barker –

Joseph was only 14 ½ years old in last weeks NEWS when his father reported him to the police for stealing his mother’s jacket.  He was sentenced to imprisonment in Derby Gaol for 10 days and the reformatory school for a further 4 years.  Joseph had asked that he could be sent to a training ship, which the Bench had said they would attempt to arrange for him.

Joseph was born in 1865 at Stocksbridge, Yorkshire.  He was the son of John Henry and Sarah Barker.  On the 1871 census Joseph was 6 years old, he had 2 older brothers; John H aged 11 years and Frederick aged 9 years, and 2 younger brothers; Arthur aged 4 years and Francis aged 2 years.  All boys, it must have been a hard life for the Barker family, especially as on this census John Henry Barker was recorded as unemployed grocers assistant.  The children were born back and forth from Sheffield to Chesterfield, so maybe the family moved around to get work or they had family members living in these areas.  They are living at 39 Saltergate, Chesterfield.

What became of Joseph is not clear; he does not seem to appear on the census returns after his court appearance.  Maybe he did get onto a training ship and was at sea each time the census was taken?
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*Charles Thompson –

Was aged 11 years old and was charged on remand with throwing stones last in last week’s NEWS.

For his punishment and wellbeing he was sent to an industrial school for 5 years.

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*Lorenzo Gothard –

Lorenzo was the son of John and Elizabeth Gothard, born in 1844.  John was a prominent member of Chesterfield society who founded John Gothard and Son’s coal merchants – he has his own story but that will be told in another post.  Although the name sounds exotic, the family were from Chesterfield.   At the age of 16 years Lorenzo was working as a plumber’s apprentice whilst still living at home with his parents and siblings.

In 1868 he married Mary Ann Hoyland and in 1870 they had a daughter named Florence.  On the 1871 census Lorenzo is clearly doing well for himself, he lives with his wife and 11 month old Florence at 63 Low Pavement.  He has completed his apprenticeship and is now a Master Plumber.  The family have the finances to spare to hire a domestic servant named Mary Ann Smith who would help around the house. 

All is not straight forward however with the affairs of Lorenzo Gothard as in July of 1880 he was brought up at the bankruptcy court; it seems his business was not as secure as we are led to believe through the census returns. 

That said and by 1881 Lorenzo had not only increased his family, but his shop premises and business had also grown considerably.  Lorenzo had obviously bounced back or maybe his father John had helped him out of a difficult situation? Lorenzo and Mary Ann now have the following children; Florence 10 years, John George 8 years, Gertrude 6 years, Lorenzo 5 years, Ethel 3 years and Norah aged 1 year.  The family occupied numbers 4&5 Low Pavement and employed a domestic servant named Annie Eyre.  The business had now branched out to provide plumbing and glazing services and Lorenzo employed 3 men and 4 boys.

Ten years on in 1891 and things have changed again for the Gothard family.  There are 2 editions; Elizabeth 8 years and Wallace aged 5 years old.  Mary Ann’s mother is now widowed and she is living with them, Sarah Hoyland aged 79 years.  The family are living at 3 Brewery Street and Lorenzo is described as a “traveller”.  I would expect that the phrase “traveller” meant that Lorenzo worked around the country, possibly working as a plumber or maybe selling and dealing?

Lorenzo’s father John died of influenza at the age of 85 years old on 19th March 1892.  John had lived at Russell House, Gladstone Road, Chesterfield.  Probate was granted on 10th May 1892 to Joseph Gothard coal and iron merchant and Henry Gothard coal merchant.  He left £4066 8s 6d. 

Life was to take another down turn for Lorenzo as he again found himself being declared bankrupt in June of the same year.  At this time he was living on Church Lane in the centre of Chesterfield town, he was trading as a plumber and commission agent.  He stated that he had been in business 27 years but had “failed twice previously”. 

What became of Lorenzo after 1891? Mary Ann continued to live in Chesterfield; she is recorded on the 1901 and 1911 census returns.  I have not found a death registered for a Lorenzo Gothard, other than one in 1956 for his son Lorenzo born in 1876.
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