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Echoes of our Past NEWS ......... 19th April 1902

Read all about it……. Echoes of our past NEWS
What was in the local news this weekend in 1902?


*Jealous Irish Man –

James Wilson a 25 year old employee of Markham Colliery was in serious trouble this week after he had beaten his girlfriend causing a near fatal situation.  He was from Belfast, Ireland and had only been living in Arkwright Town for the past 2 weeks, staying at the home of Robert Dobson.  James had secured himself a job as a detailer at Markham Colliery. 

Robert Dobson had a young sister living nearby named Ada; she was staying with her brother in law Henry Dunn.  Ada was 19 years old and spent a lot of time visiting her brother, so she soon became on friendly terms with the young Irish man James.

On the Sunday night the pair had been out together and had not returned to Robert Dobson’s home until 2am the following morning.  Mrs Dobson was not very impressed with the late time the couple had kept, but James assured her that it was his entire fault and she must not blame Ada.  Ada was also staying at the house that night, as the couple parted James whispered to her that she must not forget what they had talked about that evening.
James had asked Ada to go off with him and leave Arkwright Town and her family; Ada did not want to go. 

The next evening as James was getting ready to go to work Henry Dunn called at the Dobson’s home and conversation got around to the wellbeing of Ada.  Henry thought that Ada should be returned to Yorkshire to her family.  At this James was furious and declared that he was not going to work that night, he asked Ada to go outside with him to talk but Ada refused.  The situation became more intense after Ada was sent on an errand for Mrs Dobson and James followed her, harassing her in the process.  So much so that Mrs Dobson asked him to leave the house.  He packed his belongings into a bundle and left, but before he went he gave out the chilling words of promise to the two ladies “I shall do for you both before 12 o’clock tonight”.

True to his word James returned later that night and wielded a poker at poor Ada striking her several times causing her great injury, Mrs Dobson ran for help and returned with Henry Dunn to find Ada slumped almost dead.  She did manage to awake and fell into the arms of Mrs Dobson.

A search was made for James but it wasn’t until the next day when he walked through Arkwright Town as bold as brass, on his way to Chesterfield.  He was apprehended and was to stand trial today for the attempted murder of Ada Dobson.


*Cat custody –

A Persian cat was the centre of an agreement in-between Alfred Martin a shop keeper at Brampton and Emma Wall of Chester Street, each claiming to have ownership of the cat.

Emma was prosecuting Alfred after he allegedly sent our Bert Williams to steal the cat from her on 12th April.

Alfred argued that the cat was his after he found it wandering on Newbold Road as a kitten and had taken it home for his wife to look after.  There had never been any advertisement for a missing kitten and so the Martin family assumed ownership.  Emma said that she owned the cat and Mrs Ann Marsh and Miss Burcher both agreed with her story. 

Bert Williams had been offered 3d if he managed to bring the cat back to Alfred, but on the day he had found it Alfred only paid out 1d.  Emma had been offered £2 for the cat on a previous occasion but had not wanted to part with it.

Sadly for Alfred the Bench agreed with Emma and custody was placed with her, Alfred was fined 2s 6d and costs. 

*Death of Blue Bell landlord, Bolsover –

Mr George Revill had passed away on Tuesday 15th April after a long illness.  George was only 41 years of age. 

George had been a keen member of the local area being Urban Councillor until ill health caused him to resign a few months earlier.  He was a keen cricketer and was a member of the Town Cricket Club.  Eleven years ago George had left his position of foreman at Markham Colliery and taken over the running of the Blue Bell public house in Bolsover.  George leaves a widow and a large family.

*Education –

Many of the surrounding schools were advertising for next year’s intake –

v  Bakewell Grammar School, over 140 scholars – term starts 6th May 1902

v  Chesterfield College for girls, temporarily at the holy Trinity Institute – 5th May 1902

v  Belper Grammar School, established 1841, 3 vacancies for boarders – 6th May 1902

v  Netherthorpe Grammar School, Staveley, specialising in science; chemical and physical laboratories, woodwork and cookery, boys and girls.  Tuition fees £1 13s 4d per term – 28th April 1902


*Reverend David Ross Fotheringham, so of Rev David Fotheringham J.P of Northumberland Park, Tottenham to Mildred Taylor daughter of George Taylor Esq of Welford House, Bakewell on 15th April at All Saint’s Church, Bakewell

*Alfred McKay to Mary White daughter of Henry White on 16th April at the Holy Trinity Church, Chesterfield

*A Savage to Harriett Gertrude Rhodes daughter of George Rhodes of New Tupton on 16th April at St Lawrence’s Church, North Wingfield

*George Innes to Mary Newton on 16th April at Chesterfield Parish Church


*John Battersby aged 7 months son on 9th April at Cresswell

*Mary Ann Andrews aged 3 months on 12th April at Pinxton

*Edward Haywood aged 53 years on 10th April at South Normanton

*Rebecca Haywood aged 38 years on 14th April at South Normanton

*Mary Ellen Howe aged 35 years on 14th April at Newbold

*William Rayner aged 13 years on 11th April at Chesterfield

*Eliza Walker aged 60 years on 14th April at Chesterfield

*Thomas Cooke aged 70 years on 11th April at Speedwell, Staveley

*Ann Blanksby aged 23 years on 9th April at Chesterfield


*Hockey –

It was the final game of the season for Chesterfield’s hockey team on Saturday.  The team travelled to Sheffield to play the game against the Riverdale Club and won 8 goals to 2.

Chesterfield could boast an eventful season after playing 21 matches they won 14, drew 3 and lost only 4.  They had scored 99 goals but only conceded 33. 

Well done Chesterfield hockey team.


*2nd Volunteer Derbyshire Regiment –

April had been a good month and the following men have joined the Derbyshire Regiment –

v  C company – William Haycock, Lewis Jones and Edward Wood

v  D Company – Joseph J Gregory

v  F Company – George Fletcher Needham, Cecil Hopkinson, William Ball and John Ellse

v  M Company – William Bennett, Sampson Bennett, Raymond Wooley, Arthur Maycock and Edward A Harvey

v  Cycle Company – Ernest Aveyard

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