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Echoes of our Past NEWS............ 14th April 1883

Read all about it……. Echoes of our past NEWS

What was in the local news this weekend in 1883?


There was no major NEWS this week but there was a recipe for Golden Pudding.  The recipe was included in the advertisement for Hartley’s Marmalade and was as follows –

Golden Pudding
Take 2oz bread crumbs,
2oz suet,
3oz Hartley’s Marmalade,
2oz sugar,
2 eggs

Put the bread crumbs and suet (which must be chopped fine) into a
basin, with the Marmalade and sugar,
stir these well together; beat the eggs to a froth,
moisten the pudding with this, and when well mixed,
put into a well greased mould or basin,
tie down with a well floured cloth,
and boil 1 hour.

When turned out strew fine silted sugar over the top.



*Murderer at Matlock –

A man named William Rutherford Benn who murdered his father the Reverend Julius Benn has been found to be insane and thus has been taken to Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum.  He was said to have committed the murder a month earlier in March 1883.

*Chesterfield School Board –

Held its monthly meeting at the Municipal Hall.  The attendance figures for the schools were read by Mr Kerslake the school attendance officer –

v  Number of children registered – March; 2560  April; 2592

v  Average attendance – March; 1877  April; 1828

v  Highest weekly average – March; 2057  April; 2021

v  Lowest weekly average – March; 1699  April; 1583

*Midland Railway Tender’s –

The Railway was inviting tenders for “cleaning and painting” the station buildings –

v  Houses at Hasland

v  Stations at Bingley, Saltaire, Shipley and Manningham

v  Locomotive Department Buildings at Staveley

Painters and contractors were invited to apply by post before 9am on Thursday 19th April 1883.

*Pauper on the run –

Thomas Roe appeared at Ashbourne Police Court accused of “having absconded from the workhouse in cloths belonging to the Guardians and also with being drunk and disorderly in Dig Street”.

Thomas was found to be in a state “so helplessly drunk” on 3rd April at which point Recruiting Sergeant Cooper had to enlist some helpers to get Thomas onto the back of a hand cart so that he could be taken to the lock up.  He had the sum of £2 on his person at the time of arrest.

He was found guilty for both taking the Guardians property and being drunk and disorderly; charged 10s for the taking of property and £1 3s for being drunk.

*Serial offender –

John Cooper of Bakewell could boast great attendance figures after he had reached the grand total of 20 appearances at Bakewell Petty Sessions.  He was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Bakewell Fair on 26th March. 

Ironically John was not even the subject of the police’s attention; they were arresting another man when he tagged along and began to cause a disturbance.  He was fined 10s and costs but he was unable to pay and so he was committed to gaol for 14 days hard labour.


*Richard Walker eldest son of Richard Walker Esq of Matlock Bath to Fanny May only daughter of the late William Brooker Esq of Hodgkinson Hotel, Matlock Bath.  At the all Saints Church, Bakewell on 12th April

At the Parish Church, Chesterfield on

8th April –

*Mr Thomas Foy miner to Miss Fanny Wombwell

*Mr James Hurst engine tenter to Miss Sarah Fisher

9th April -

*Mr Thomas Mellors miner to Miss Maria Hull

*Mr George Wright miner to Miss Hannah Brown

12th April –

*Mr Henry Rainsminer to Miss Esther Ball


*Frederick Stanley Fenton “beloved and only child of Frederick and Davan Fenton” aged 7 years on 7th April

*Ellen Bridgett aged 49 years at St Marys Gate, Chesterfield on 9th April

*Hannah Bradley aged 58 years at Brimington on 5th April

*Ann Dronfield aged 67 years at Holymoorside on 7th April

*Edward Marsden aged 68 years at High Street, Whittington on 5th April

*Lucy A Mason aged 18 months at Mountcastle Street, Newbold on 6th April

*David H Tudor aged 2 years at Station Road, Chesterfield on 7th April


*Rufford Hunt –

The hunt took place on Friday 13th April at Owl Cotes Farm near Heath.  There was a good attendance as the weather was kind.

The Welbeck Cup was won by Lord Harrington’s Donovan and the prize was £30.  The Rufford Hunt Cup valued also at £30 was won by Mr R C Otter’s Driver.


*Chesterfield April Fair –

Chesterfield had been under restrictions after a contagious disease had caused the cattle market to be suspended.  The April fair was the first for many weeks in Chesterfield and lots of people turned out to attend the event.

The fair was limited in cattle as the news that the restrictions had been lifted was not common knowledge, but cows, sheep, pigs, horses and even cheese was sold on the day.  Although the quality of the animals was said to have been poor.


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