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Update of the past NEWS........25th May 1878


Catch up on the full story of last weeks NEWS.............
*Ann Oates –

Ann was a sempstress who was causing shock throughout Chesterfield after she lost her temper and threw a pair of sewing shears at Thomas Swinscoe on 20th May.

Ann was a colleague of Thomas and she worked alongside him for Mr Brown the tailors of Corporation Street, Chesterfield.  On the day of the 20th May she and Thomas had quarrelled and Ann had lost all her self-control.  She threw various items at Thomas first including soap and a bodkin. 

The shears hit Thomas on his calf and caused two wounds, one of which entered his limb.  The incident had caused Thomas to bleed severely and in July that year when the case went to court he was still receiving care from Mr Bluett the surgeon.

At the hearing the jury decided that Ann was guilty but “recommended her to mercy”.  She was lucky and received a sentence of four months hard labour.
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*Thomas Marriott –

Thomas was named in the obituaries of last week’s NEWS.  His full name was actually Samuel Thomas Marriott and he was 32 years old.  He had lived in Chesterfield and worked for Messrs John Turner and Son previously. 

Latterly though he lived at 1 Goldsmith Street, Stockport Road, Manchester and was employed by the Manchester Equitable Co-Operative Society.  On Saturday morning he was busy at work in the shop on Downing Street cutting bone from a piece of beef.  The manager of the store witnessed what he thought was Thomas stop work and throw the knife away from him.  On checking closer he found that the knife had in fact slipped off of the meat and entered the groin of Thomas.  There was a large amount of blood and he was taken to the Royal Infirmary but sadly so great was the injury that Thomas died later that afternoon.

A verdict of accidental death was recorded at the inquest on Monday by the Manchester City Coroner.
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