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Update of the PAST NEWS..........18th January 1973

Catch up on the full story of last weeks NEWS...........

*George Warren –

George was in last week’s news as he had maliciously beaten his aged father, which had resulted in such terrible injuries that William Warren had died as a result.  The incident had caused outcry in the small mining village of Clowne. 

George appeared at the March Assize Courts in Derby on Thursday 6th March 1873.  He pleaded guilty to the charges but asked for leniency as the acts he had committed were as a result of drink.  The Judge announced that after hearing the medical men’s opinion on the death of William Warren that it could not be conclusive that the injuries that George had caused be the sole reason for William’s death.  That said, George was still given what was described as “a severe sentence”, five years penal servitude.  His actual conviction was for “inflicting grievous bodily harm”.

William Warren was buried at Clowne on 24th December 1872.
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*John White –

Twenty four year old John was in trouble after he had taken a horse belonging to William White and George Davenport.

His case was heard and it was told how John had simply taken the beast for a ride and after that he had let it lose on Shirland Common.  The case was dismissed and John was discharged.

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*George Berrisford and John Bunting –

George and John were accused of highway robbery when they stole from James Holmes in Swanwick. 

John was aged 22 years old and George was a little older at 27 years old.  Both worked as colliers.  On the night in question James had been drinking in the Steam Packet public house from 5pm to 11pm.  It was stated that he had drunk 3 or 4 pints of ale and took himself a pint out with him to have with his supper when he got home.  He was said to have been perfectly sober.

As he got to the cross roads three men jumped out at him and got hold of him by the throat.  At this he ran away from them to the home of Mr Barratt.  He was found by the men and they attacked him and took the contents of his pockets from him.

The two men were found guilty and sentenced to 9 months gaol.  It is not mentioned as to who the third man was.

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