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Update of the Past NEWS..... 29th December 1877

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*Rosanna Mellors
Was the daughter of George Mellors a coal miner and Selena nee Wheatcroft.  George married Selena in 1872.  They were parents to at least the following children –

*Charles Wheatcroft Mellors – born 8th Feb 1871, baptised 31st August 1878 (born before George and Selena were married)
*Walter – born 16th June 1871, baptised 26th December 1872, died 1874 aged 2 yrs
*Sarah – born 1875
*Emma – born 8th December 1876, baptised 31st May 1878
*Rosanna – born 1877, died 1877
*Alice – born 17th August 1878, baptised 27th November 1878, died 1879
*Walter – born 16th January 1881, baptised 7th February 1881
On the 1881 census George, Selina, Charles, Sarah, Emma and baby Walter are living in Chesterfield town centre in Crown Yard, near to Lordsmill Street.  George is a colliery miner.
At the end of July 1884 tragedy struck when George was working at No 53 stall at Grassmoor pit.  On 28th July a piece of coal fell from the face and hit George on the right foot, this caused injuries and he was sent to the North Derbyshire Hospital where he had part of his foot amputated.  This was not sufficient and on 1st August he had all of his foot amputated to the ankle.  A few days later infection had set in, George passed away on 5th August 1884.  Selena was left to cope with a young family alone, after all of the heart ache she had already had to endure.
Selena married again a year later in 1885 to Samuel Bennett a coal miner.  On the 1891 census Selena and Samuel are living at Pond Houses, Boythorpe.  Her children from her earlier marriage to George are still living with her; Charles is now 20 and also works as a miner, Sarah is 16 and Emma is 14 both works as a factory hand.  Walter is not with them, a 1 year old boy named Walter Mellors died in 1882 so this is most likely to be the son of George and Selena.  Another child however, is recorded; William aged 8 years old, he was the son of George and Selena.
By 1901 Selena and Samuel are living at Brookside Yard, Samuel still works as a coal miner hewer.  All the children but William Mellors have left the home, he is aged 18 years old and works as a coal miner underground.  There is a new member of the family; Ernest Bennett aged 7 years old, the son of Selena and Samuel.
Selena died in 1907 and left Samuel a widow.  It is nice to see that in 1911 Samuel is living with William Mellors (the son of Selena and George).  William married Annie Wilkes in 1910 so the couple were newlyweds.   Samuel is aged 63 years old and still works as a coal miner hewer.  Ernest is also living with them, recorded as “half brother” he is 19 years old and is a ground labourer at the colliery.  They all live at 69 Prospect Street, Stonegravels.  Samuel died aged in 1926 aged 78 years old. 

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*Thomas Foy
Thomas was the soldier in the 65th Foot Regiment who had deserted his post for the Christmas celebrations. 

Thomas met a tragic end when he was 48 years old.  He was lodging at Thomas Noakley’s home in St Marys Place, just off of St Marys Gate.  Having left the military Thomas was working as a colliery labourer.  On the night of Saturday 7th June he had been drinking with some other men living in the house including Thomas Noakley, John Foy and Stephen Villiers.  It seems that a large amount of liqueur was consumed by the men and around midnight Thomas went up to bed in the attic, carrying a candle with him. 
Around 1.30am Teddy Martin noticed the fire and fetched Stephen Villiers to assist him.  The fire was extinguished but Thomas had been badly burnt on his right arm and neck.  His body was removed from the room but he was pronounced dead by the doctor 10 minutes later.  It was thought that the candle caught fire and the bedclothes had set alight. 

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Note, all information is taken from indexes, census and newspaper cuttings, no certificates of registration have been used to confirm this information.


  1. George Mellors is my husband's great great grandfather
    I am astonished by this information!!

  2. George Mellors is the great great grandfather of my husband.
    As far as we know, his son, Charles Wheatcroft, Mellors married Annie Elizabeth Marsh around 1898.
    We are astonished by this information.
    We now know why wheatcroft is included in his name.
    Thank you for this.

  3. It seems we are related. George was my great great grandfather and Emma was great grandmother. If you wish to compare any notes at all you may contact me at

  4. Glad to hear that we've made some family connections here.

    As I have stated earlier, this information was taken from newspaper reports, census and online transcripts of baptisms. Please recheck the exact details to confirm my findings with the actual birth/marriage and death certificates.

    If you have any querries please do let me know.