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UPDATE of the Past NEWS 17th December 1864


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*Christmas Holiday

The drapers and some other shops in Chesterfield were reported to have declared that their shops would be closed on Monday 26th December 1864.  But it appears that Christmas for most of the residents of Chesterfield would have been confined to the one day, the day that they would have been off anyway.

Boxing Day as we know it wasn’t granted an official holiday until 1871 (under the Bank Holidays Act 1871), so the residents of Chesterfield had to wait a few years longer until they would all be entitled to an extra day of celebration at Christmas time.  Even then, although the banks were closed not all of the shops followed suit.  In the December of 1871 most of the shops were closed, with a few exceptions such as the tobacconist, confectioners and toy shops, the day was however undertaken as a general holiday by most.

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*James Hogan
James was the little boy who was in trouble for raising the ladies skirts as she walked home from chapel.  He was born in Chesterfield in the summer of 1854, the son of Martin and Mary Hogan, both were from Tipperary, Ireland.  Martin was a mason’s labourer in 1861.  The family had not been in Chesterfield long at this time as James’s elder brother Michael was born in Ireland around 1850 and so the family must have moved here sometime between 1850 and 1854.  There are also 2 other siblings to James in 1861; Daniel aged 4 years and Martin aged 2 years old.  The family lived on Lordsmill Street in the centre of Chesterfield.
Mary, James’s mother died in 1870 and by 1871 Martin, James and Daniel are lodging with Isaac Newbold and his family at 11 St Marys Gate, Chesterfield.  All three Hogan men are still working in the mines as a coal miner, James is now 17 years old.
Ten years on and James has moved away from Chesterfield, he is lodging at Iron Gate, Wath On Dearne, Yorkshire and works as a coal miner.  His father Martin had died in Chesterfield in 1875 aged 83 years old.  James married Jane Ann Carr in Barnsley in 1881 and by 1891 they have four children; Martin aged 7 years, David aged 5 years, Mary aged 2 years and 2 month old Clara.  They are living at New Street, Nether Hoyland along with Jane’s brother, 15 year old William Carr.
In 1901 there are two more children; John aged 6 years and Annie aged 4 years.  The family 3 New Street, Nether Hoyland.   
James died sometime between 1901 and 1911, his wife Jane Ann is a widow and inmate at Barnsley Workhouse in 1911. 
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