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Echoes of our past News...... 24th November 1866

Read all about it……. Echoes of our past NEWS

What was news in the local news this weekend in 1866?


*Strike or lock-out at Staveley –

There has been no reconciliation at Staveley and the miners have support of the Miners National Association in their strike action.  It was thought that within the oncoming weeks most of the Staveley Pits would be stood idle.  The Miners Association had gained land in order to erect wooden huts to house the ejected men who have no longer use of the cottage accommodation.  A meeting was held on Thursday 22nd November at the Corn Exchange, Chesterfield.

Life as a miner at Staveley was tougher than usual at this time; there was intimidation at Staveley Works when an incident occurred at the Old Hollingwood Colliery.  It seems that on Wednesday 21st November tensions were heightened after a stone was flung at a loader named Robert Jackson.  This man was working in place of one of the Unionist miners who was out on strike.  He was being conducted by William Crookes.  Instead of the stone reaching its intended target, Robert Jackson, it hit William Crookes on the elbow causing him to stop work.   The Staveley Company have issued a reward of £5 for the conviction of the offending stone thrower.


*For sale –

An auction was to take place at the Cock and Magpie inn at Whittington, held by Mr Samuel Denham.  The sale was for a wheelwright’s shop, gardens and premises formerly owned by Mr John Naylor, deceased.

Land at Stonegravels, could be purchased in lots to suit at 1s per yard – apply to Mr Sanforth, Elm Lodge, Newbold.

Very handsome and fine retriever dog, aged 4 years old, a first class yard dog – apply Mr Elliott, Canal Wharf, Chesterfield.

*Situations Vacant –

Two apprentices to the coach building trade, one as a painter the other as a trimmer – apply Mrs Scott, Carriage Repository, Saltergate.

General Servant, must understand cooking and washing, no children.

Clever ACTIVE GIRL, accustomed to an Inn – apply Midland Hotel, Chesterfield.

*School anniversary –

The 23rd anniversary of the British School on Hollis Lane was celebrated last week.  The celebration was attended by numerous scholars, family and friends.  An examination of the junior scholars took place in the afternoon and afterwards at 5pm tea was served in the Temperance Hall for 100 persons.  The senior scholars were then examined and all passed their examinations. 

*Wilson, a daughter born on Thursday 22nd November at Hill House, Clay Cross to Mr John Wilson Esq, physician and surgeon.


*Mr Edwin Staton, hook grinder to Mary Ann Plant on 20th November at the Parish Church.  Both parties were from Eckington; Mr Staton was a hook grinder.


*Robert Simpson - Baker on 9th November at Beetwell Street aged 39 years old.

*Miss Lucy Needham aged 3 weeks old, daughter of Mr Thomas Needham a tanner of Lordsmill Street.

*Mr John Sharky a miner aged 23 years old at the Union Workhouse, Chesterfield.

*Master Thomas Garraty aged 5 years son of Mr Michael Garraty of Taylors Yard, Knifesmithsgate.

*Mary Morris on 8th November at Brampton Moor, aged 67 years.

*Mrs Jane Madin, widow aged 71 years old on 9th November at Cutthorpe.


The Rufford Hounds will meet at 11 am at –

27th November Ossington
29th November Newbound Mill
1st December Badsworth Dale


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