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Echoes of our past News...... 20th November 1858

Read all about it……. Echoes of our past NEWS
What was news in the local news this weekend in 1858?


*The dead alive –

Not a Chesterfield family, but worthy of news in the Chesterfield papers, this story would have been a topic of conversation –

A young girl of about 12 or 13 years old named Amelia Hinks had unknowingly caused quite a stir after suffering an illness, “dwindling away under some unaccountable complaint”. About three weeks ago, she – or as her family thought – passed away.  Her corpse was said to have been removed to another room “rigid and icy cold”, washed and laid out, following the usual burial practices of the times.  This included placing penny pieces on the eyes.  For the next 48 hours poor Amelia remained laid out under the sheets and the coffin was ordered.  The family lived in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

That was until the most amazing and startling incident occurred…..

The grandfather of Amelia came from Leamington to pay his last respects.  Along with another female relation he removed one of the penny pieces from Amelia’s eyes.  Although Amelia did not stir he was adamant that he had seen movement under the eye lid.  At first the other woman did not agree, but then the pair, after studying Amelia closely observed another movement.

The Doctor was called, who at first also doubted the sightings of the old man and the woman.  But on checking her heart, it was found that Amelia was still alive.  She was removed into a warmer room and after a while she let out a sneeze.  When she came around further and was able to talk she described all the events that had occurred; who had closed her eyes, who had placed the pennies onto them, she even heard her coffin be ordered and all the remarks made over her.

*Omnibus accident –

All members of the public who were traveling on the omnibus from Chatsworth to Chesterfield had a lucky escape when the bus was hauled to one side after spokes on one of the wheels broke.  The incident occurred near to the Pheasant Inn at Brampton.  The persons on the top of the omnibus were thrown with great violence to the ground.  As the sides of the omnibus were glass, the persons seated inside also received cut's and glass embedded in their hands and faces.  Thankfully the injuries were all minor and no one was seriously hurt.  The omnibus was owned by Mr Rice of Spencer Street and had been taking a party of fishermen to a coursing meeting at Chatsworth.

*Bastardy case –

John Marsh a 17 year old from Brimington was found to be the father of the illegitimate child of Anne Orwin also of Brimington.  Ann was around 16 years of age.  John also went by the name of Kemp.  He was ordered to pay 2s a week plus any necessary expenses.

*Unsupervised horse and cart –

George Hopkinson was found guilty and fined 2s 6d and 10s 6d expenses after leaving his horse and cart on the high road at Brimington unattended.  He was said to have been in a public house drinking for around an hour.

*Weather –

The weather had been unusually mild this November 1858, until the last few days.  So mild in fact that Mr George Parker of Loundsley Green was the proud owner of a garden which still housed an apple tree in full bloom.


*Joseph Parkes a farmer from Wirksworth to Mrs Hannah Holmes of Chesterfield on 1st November at the Roman Catholic Chapel in Chesterfield.

*William Wilbraham to Margaret Ann Lavender of Clay Cross on 10th November at Roman Catholic Chapel, Chesterfield.

*William Edwards to Mary Cook on 7th November at Brimington Parish Church.

*Mr G Bradshaw of Fanshaw-gate, Holmesfield a farmer and youngest son to the late Mr Bradshaw of Frith Hall, Brampton to Mary Crookes second daughter to Mr W Crookes farmer of Cutthorpe, at Brampton Parish Church on 9th November.
*Enoch Taylor to Sarah Storer of Lea at Ashover.

*Hannah Marriott aged 15 years at Chesterfield
*Mrs Sarah Snow aged 85 years at Chesterfield
*Mr Joseph Cowley, pipe manufacturer aged 52 years after a long illness
*Mr William Froggatt at Robin Hood, near Baslow aged 29 years, left a widow and large family

*Master Arthur Augustus Edge aged 1 year 4 months, son of Mr G Edge of Birdholme

Death of Centenarian –

Mrs Elizabeth Mills of Leek Frith, near Swithamley died on 25th October aged 102 years old.  Elizabeth was a mother of 11 children, grandmother to 44 and great grandmother to 107 children.  She was said to have been very fit and able, only last harvest she assisted her son “a stout lad about 80” in haymaking.  Elizabeth spent her spare time visiting neighbours and attending to domestic chores.

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