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UPDATE of the Past News 7th October 1899

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*Did the two May’s stay out of trouble?
The girls were both born in Staveley and on the 1891 census they were living next door to each other; May Hadley was 3 years old and daughter of Samuel and Catherine Hadley.  Samuel was a coal miner.  May Arnold was aged 4 years and was daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Arnold.  Thomas was a drain night soil labourer (not a very glamorous job, but a much needed task to ensure that the streets were clean of sewage).  They lived at Hollingwood Common.
By the 1901 census and after their narrow escape of the law the girls have separated and seem to be leading very different lives –
May Arnold is still living at home with her parent’s; by 1911 she has a respectable job as a chamber maid at the Station Hotel.

May Hadley however, has not taken heed of what the magistrate said back in 1899.  In 1901 she is an inmate at the Girls Reformatory School, Little Park Street in Coventry.  At this school she would learn domestic work along with general schooling. What did May do to end up in this school? Unfortunately there are no more articles regarding May in any newspapers and I cannot find her in the 1911 census, she may have married by then or have left the country. 
If anyone can fill in the gaps on the two “May” girls I would love to hear their stories.
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*Sarah and Clement Wagstaff –
As previously mentioned the couple married on 27th March 1877 at Darley Dale Church.  Sarah’s maiden name was Gregory. 
On the 1881 census a few years after the marriage they have a young son, Clement jnr aged just one year old.  By 1891 Clement snr is now described as a market gardener and greengrocer, things must have been going a little better financially for the family.  Clement jnr is 11 years old and he has a younger sister Sarah Elizabeth jnr aged 7 years old, both attend school.
Clement snr was charged with being drunk at Darley in March 1894, he was fined 5s and costs.  He was found helpless on the footpath. 
And so on to 1899 and Sarah has finally had enough of the violence and drinking, she is granted a separation order and all should be well now, Sarah should be living a more peaceful life..........
Not according to the 1901 census – Sarah is back living with Clement.  They are both 44 years old now and Clement jnr has fled the nest, their daughter Sarah Elizabeth jnr living with them.  Clement snr is now working as a general labourer. 
1911 and Sarah and Clement are still together. They are living alone at Brooke Bottom, Two Dales; Clement is a labourer in a nursery.
Did Clement ever change his ways and stop his “drinking bouts”? we will never know. 
I am unsure as to the date of death for Clement or Sarah.   There were two “Clement Wagstaff” born in Bakewell in 1856/7.  The other Clement married Hannah Walker.  A Clement Wagstaff is buried in Bakewell Church aged 87 years old in 1943 – however I believe this is the other Clement as he leaves his estate to Annie Longstone and Annie was a name of one of his daughters.
The burial records also show a “daughter of Clement Wagstaff” born and buried in 1889, so she may be one of the children of Clement and Sarah.
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*Adelaide Bailey -
Adelaide was born in 1859, named Victoria Adelaide Clarke.  She was the daughter of Allison and Mary Clarke and they lived in Barlborough Village.  Allison was an agricultural labourer at the time of Adelaide’s birth but he was employed in later years as a coal higler.
Adelaide and Arthur married on 20th June 1882 at The Holy Trinity Church, Shirebrook, Derbyshire.  They had three children but only two are named in the census returns, Minnie and Christopher.  The family lived at 4 High Peak Terrace, Clowne and had moved home by 1911 to 17 Rotherham Road, Clowne.  Arthur was a coal miner hewer.   In 1911 Adelaide and Arthur have a large family living with them; daughter Minnie who is still single and three granddaughters; Minnie 7 years, Eileen Gwendoline 4 years, Millicent Josephine 2 years and one grandson, baby Frederick Ronald aged just 6 months old. 
Despite Adelaide allegedly attempting suicide in 1899 she lived to a grand age of 81 years and died in 1942. 
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