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Echoes of our past News...... 7th October 1899

Echoes of our past….. Past News

7th October 1899
Main news -

*Separation request –
Sarah Elizabeth Wagstaff of Darley Dale applied to the court for an order of separation from her husband Clement Wagstaff under the Married Woman’s Act of 1895. 

Mr Wagstaff declared “I have no objection to the order”.

The couple were married in 27th March 1877 at Darley Dale Church and had four children; sadly only two of these children were still living.  The living children were aged 20 years and 16 years old and so custody of the children was not necessary in this case.

It was told how soon after they were married Clement had started to drink heavily and often went off on “drinking bouts”.  On returning from these “bouts” he would threaten Sarah and in later years he carried out those threats.  Before the drinking began the family were fairly secure, Clement was a market gardener.

Sarah had often to take refuge at a relative’s house and she dare not go back now and live with Clement.  Earlier in the year on 4th September Clement had left the house on one of his “bouts” and not returned until 7th September, when he again threatened Sarah. 

Sarah took to the stand and told how a year ago; Clement had threatened to “run a knife through me”.

The separation order was granted and Clement was ordered to pay Sarah 4s a week to keep a roof over her head.

*Travelling on the railway without paying –
Annie Truelove was charged at Belper Magistrates Court with travelling on the Midland Railway with having paid a fare.  The prosecutor, Mr Turner stated that this was the 70th conviction of a railway offence in the same year.  She was charged the full fine of £20 and costs or two months in gaol.  It looks like she chose the latter, as she replied “I will go and see the Crich parson when I come out” as her redeeming statement.  It was also noted that Annie used many aliases.

*Two young girls-

May Arnold and May Hadley were given a reprieve due to their being juveniles after they had stolen a pair of boots from Mr Schofield’s shop on Burlington Street.  The manageress, Minnie Godson noticed the boots were missing and reported the theft to Inspector Fennemore.  He arrested the girls after they were seen behaving suspiciously in the Market Place.  May Hadley was cover as May Arnold stole the boots. Wrapped them in a handkerchief and took them to Fearneyhough’s pawn shop.  The girls were excused this time under the First Offender’s Act and were told to behave themselves in the future.
*Forgot attempted suicide –

Adelaide Bailey of Clowne was charged with attempting to commit suicide on 29th September.  The 39 year old wife of Arthur Bailey a collier had been having troubles and the final straw came after she had some bother with the neighbours. 

On the day in question Arthur had retired to bed about 10 o’clock, Adelaide was not in the house and he assumed she was at her mothers.  A couple of hours later he was woken by a knock at the door, it was Adelaide who was very upset.  They both returned to bed, but in different rooms.  Later on Arthur went downstairs and heard Adelaide shouting “murder”, he went to her room and found the window open, looking out her saw her lying on the ground.  She picked herself up and started walking away from the house.  Arthur ran and caught her, returning her to the house.  Doctor Goodwin saw Adelaide in the morning; she was in bed in a “low, nervous state”.  She could walk and had three marks on her.  She was unaware of the attempted suicide, but did say she had drunk two glasses of port wine.  Dr Goodwin thought she had drunk more, but was now capable of looking after herself. 

Adelaide was discharged of the offence and Arthur promised to look after her.

*Obscene language –

This week there were many charges of using obscene language-

·         Patrick Kelly, tramp gaoled for 7 days

·         John Lovatt, fined 5 s and costs for using obscene language in Crown Yard

·         Maria Riley, fined 5s and costs for using indecent language in St Mary’s Gate

 *Football –

John Kelly, Chas Tinsley, Geo Allsop and Walter Watson were fined 1s and costs for playing football in Park Road.

*Henry Saxton to Ruth Rush, eldest daughter of George Rush at the Parish Church. North Wingfield on 2nd October.

*George Samuel Wheeldon to Sarah Hamilton Downs at Bakewell Parish Church on 25th September.


*Ann Sheldon, aged 73 wife of George Sheldon of Clay Cross on 27th September, buried at Danesmoor Cemetery.
*Sophia Andrews aged 87 at Stanton on 29th September.

*Zillah Padley aged 19 years at Brimington on 3rd October.

*John Foulds aged 31 years at Chesterfield on 30th September.
*Ralph Richardson aged 16 months at Staveley on 3rd October.

*Elender Dolphin aged 44 years at Brampton on 27th September.

*Football –

Chesterfield was third from the bottom of Division 2.  They had played 3 matches, won 0, drawn 2 and lost 1.  They had scored 6 goals and had let in 12 goals.  They had one point.  The top of the league was Leicester who had played double the amount of games as Chesterfield at 6 games with 11 points gained.

Chesterfield had won Ilkeston 2-1 in the first round of the Association Cup Qualifying Competition.


*Got any spare false teeth?

Messrs R D and J B Fraser of Ipswich will buy old sets of false teeth.  The inhabitants of Chesterfield were encouraged to turn their disused false teeth into money, by posting them to Messrs Fraser who would then return a sum of money or hold the teeth and make an offer for the sellers consent.

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